How it all started

After his travels to Tanzania, Sebastian is left in complete awe of the many wrongdoings in one of the biggest commodity industries on which most of our work society is fueled on. With his lack of knowledge about coffee and where it is sourced from, his awareness gets an unsettling introduction in the inequality that leaves a grueling number of farmers and families in complete poverty. Back in the Netherlands many questions arise him which leads him to deeper research.

It shows that major societal problems occur within the coffee industry especially around its production which is mostly done in emerging countries that involve unfavorable labor practices with low wages, long hours, no benefits, and child labor.

With Sebastian’s background in humanistic he is fueled enough to decide and find the ones that share the same mission and vision towards making the coffee supply chain more transparent, traceable and sustainable. Ultimately, helping those in need and battle current low wages, long hours, no benefits and child labor that are still present nowadays. Through, here it seemed that the only viable option was to build an example for hopefully and entire industry to follow. 

BEANY Coffee was born, a coffee movement that aims for full transparency, traceability and sustainability. We believe that the farmer is not merely a producer, no, we believe that the farmer is the king of the hill. He or she puts all the important effort in providing us with unique coffees and should be fully put in the spotlight. We want you to know who is behind that beloved cup of coffee and how much they benefit from you drinking their beautiful product!